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Armoloy TDC (Thin Dense Chrome) is a hard (78 Rc), thin, dense chromium coating with a micronodular surface texture. Developed to protect and enhance a wide range of manufacturing tools and components, Armoloy TDC is applied in a chemical bath by means of a proprietary process.

The coating’s nodular finish reduces the amount of surface area exposed to surfaces in contact with it, thereby substantially reducing friction and extending wear life. This nodular finish also retains smaller amounts of industrial lubricants for longer periods, both further reducing friction and creating a cleaner work environment.

Armoloy TDC is commonly applied to bearings, tools and dies, plastic molding components, food processing and packaging equipment, automated machinery, engine components, oil and gas drilling tools, pumps, and any component where wear, abrasion, high friction, and corrosive environments are a concern. The coating may be applied to tool steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, bronze, and brass.

Typically applied at a deposit of .0001/.0003″ (2.5/7.5 microns), Armoloy TDC is effective at deposits as low as .00005″ (1 micron). The uniformity of the deposit, even on tightly-toleranced components, allows Armoloy to return a finished product to the end-user.

Plastics & Rubber Molding

Whether your process is Injection Molding, Blow Molding, Extrusion Molding, Reaction Injection Molding, you can improve the speed and efficiency of your molding operation.

Linear Motion

Linear Motion components are prevalent in many industries including Packaging, Material Handling, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Factory Automation, Robotics, Solar and Wind Energy.


The lifetime and performance of bearings can be improved by the application of Armoloy chromium coatings. Manufacturers can choose standard ferrous steels such as SAE 52100.

OEM Machine Tools

Armoloy Chromium coatings provide outstanding wear and corrosion protection for machine tools of all types. The Armoloy process ensures the deposition of precise (normally .0001” to .0003” thick) deposits of 99% chromium to virtually any metal surface, with the exception of Aluminum.

Food Processing & Packaging

Armoloy® chromium coatings protect a variety of metal components that are utilized in the food and beverage industry. Component lifetime is extended by protection against wear and corrosion. Friction is reduces by the unique, nodular, thin dense chromium surface finish.

Die Casting

Die Casting companies chose Armoloy chromium coatings to increase their production efficiency and reduce their maintenance costs. Armoloy increases the wear resistance of die components due to its hardness (HRC 78).

Use Armoloy for friction, wear and corrosion resistance

ARMOLOY coated parts reduce friction, increase wear life and enhance corrosion resistance.
Wherever ARMOLOY-to-ARMOLOY coated parts contact each other, these characteristics are further enhanced for even less friction, longer life and corrosion resistance.

ARMOLOY can be applied to all gas nitrided surfaces.
All nitrided components submitted for ARMOLOY® coating must be clearly marked and identified as nitrided parts.

A Wide Range of Base Metals Suitable for Armoloy Coating:

Ferrous: Stainless Steels (All)

Tool Steels
Cold/Hot Roll
Bearing Grade Steels (52100, M-50, BG-42, etc.)
Alloy-enhanced Steels
Pre-hardened Steels
High/Low Carbon Steels
Cast Iron

Copper/Copper Alloys

Aluminum, magnesium, and titanium are not recommended for Armoloy coating.

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