Armoloy Die Casting – Armoloy TDC Technology used in Die Casting Industry

Extend the Life of Your Components with ARMOLOY® Thin Dense Chromium Coating

Die Casting companies chose Armoloy chromium coatings to increase their production efficiency and reduce their maintenance costs. Armoloy increases the wear resistance of die components due to its hardness (HRC 78). Hardened metal parts benefit the most with the Armoloy surface finish. The low coefficient of friction of Armoloy’s nodular surface provides high lubricity and holds lubricants better than the base metal.
The major benefits of Armoloy chromium coatings are reduced drag, reduced soldering problems, corrosion protection (especially during storage of dies not in use) and substantial reduction of lubricant usage during die casting operations.

The components that have been treated with Armoloy most include:

Core Pins
Ejector Pins
Cavity Inserts
Blade Inserts
Removable Cores
Slide Cores
Interchangeable Cores
Weight Saver Inserts

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