Armoloy Linear Motion – Armoloy Coatings used in Linear Motion Industry

Linear Motion components are prevalent in many industries including Packaging, Material Handling, Aerospace, Pharmaceutical, Semiconductor, Factory Automation, Robotics, Solar and Wind Energy. Armoloy chromium coatings protect these components from wear and corrosion, improve speed of operation and reduce noise levels by reducing friction. In particular, when Armoloy coated surfaces run against each other, friction is reduced to the minimum.

The precision coating thickness achieved with Armoloy is a welcome benefit to design Engineers and manufacturers, and unlike conventional chrome plating. Armoloy does not require any post grinding or post polishing processes. Choosing Armoloy to coat components made of carbon steel reduces costs and provides superior performance to stainless steel.

The components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:

Linear Rails
Guide Ways
Ball Screws
Lead Screws
Roller Bearings
Rack and Pinions
Profile Rails
Positioning Devices

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