Armoloy Bearings – Armoloy TDC Thin Dense Chromium Coating used in Bearings Industry

Extend the Life of Your Components with ARMOLOY® Thin Dense Chromium Coating

The lifetime and performance of bearings can be improved by the application of Armoloy chromium coatings. Manufacturers can choose standard ferrous steels such as SAE 52100 and coat their bearing components with Armoloy to obtain corrosion protection equal to or better than 440C Stainless Steel. Additional features such as improved wear resistance, less fatigue resistance, and improved machinability add to the overall cost benefits.

Armoloy can successfully be used on bearings of the highest tolerance (ABEC 9) with engineering deposits of .00005” – .0001”. The unique, nodular surface of the Armoloy coatings reduces surface friction in the bearing raceways. Surface hardness is increased to HRC 78. Bearing operating temperatures may be reduced which may also increase lifetime performance.

The bearing components that have been treated with Armoloy most often include:
Ball Bearings
Inner Races
Linear Shafting
Roller Bearings
Outer Races
Geared Bearings

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