Armoloy TDC Coating Applications

Armoloy TDC – Armoloy Thin Dense Chromium Coating Technology

Armoloy TDC (thin dense chromium) remains the first name in thin dense chrome. Whether it be one part or a million parts, whether the tools of plastic injection molding, automated machinery, or linear motion, the Armoloy TDC process takes manufacturing technology and makes it better.

Precision. Quality. Durability. Our mission is adding value across the spectrum of manufacturing applications.


Armoloy TDC (Thin Dense Chrome) is a hard (78 Rc), thin, dense chromium coating with a micronodular surface texture. Developed to protect and enhance a wide range of manufacturing tools and components, Armoloy TDC is applied in a chemical bath by means of a proprietary process.

The coating’s nodular finish reduces the amount of surface area exposed to surfaces in contact with it, thereby substantially reducing friction and extending wear life. This nodular finish also retains smaller amounts of industrial lubricants for longer periods, both further reducing friction and creating a cleaner work environment.

Armoloy TDC is commonly applied to bearings, tools and dies, plastic molding components, food processing and packaging equipment, automated machinery, engine components, oil and gas drilling tools, pumps, and any component where wear, abrasion, high friction, and corrosive environments are a concern. The coating may be applied to tool steels, stainless steels, copper alloys, bronze, and brass.

Typically applied at a deposit of .0001/.0003″ (2.5/7.5 microns), Armoloy TDC is effective at deposits as low as .00005″ (1 micron). The uniformity of the deposit, even on tightly-toleranced components, allows Armoloy to return a finished product to the end-user.


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