Armoloy TDC Coatings used in Automotive Industry

Extend the Life of Your Components with ARMOLOY® Thin Dense Chromium Coating

Armoloy TDC (Thin Dense Chromium) coatings reduce scrap rates and lower labor costs in the automotive industry. The smooth, micro-nodular surface of the Armoloy coatings promotes waste reduction by minimizing the use of lubricants. Clean-up and set-up times are subsequently reduced. Armoloy reduces premature wear and pick-up, allowing more hits per run and less maintenance downtime.

Armoloy is 99+ percent Chromium and welding maintenance can be accomplished without compromising the coating. Armoloy is guaranteed not to chip, flake or peel. The coatings are especially successful in die-casting applications. All types of nitride surfaces can be successfully coated. All ferrous and most non-ferrous metals can be successfully protected.

The components most often treated in the Automotive Industry include:

Forming Tools/Punches
Draw Dies
Plastic Molds
Rubber Molds
Thrust Bearings
Ball Nuts
Stamping Dies
Progressive Dies
Linear Motion
Welding Spatter Buildup

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